5 Ways to Cultivate Prana

Prana is vitality or life force energy; it’s the power that drives life. It is present in each cell of every living organism and is constantly at work to create life, health, and maintenance. However, prana can be depleted when we live an unhealthy lifestyle. Let's look at some ways we can cultivate more of this vital energy.

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7 Good Reasons to Eat Beets

Beets are more than just colourful root vegetables that add a splash of colour to your plate. They also provide the body with a number of health benefits. In addition to being full of essential vitamins and minerals, they can support the body's detoxification process.

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Expected Results

Increased energy

Improved focus & clarity

Decreased stress

Weight loss

Better digestion

Reduced bloating

Better sleep

Improved complexion

Increased mindfulness

Fewer cravings

A lighter and brighter mind-body

A deeper connection to self

Alignment with the circadian rhythms

More confidence as the body is filled
with life force energy/prana


Thank you for joining this spring cleanse. This exciting opportunity presents itself to cultivate more vitality and enrich your life! 

Cleansing is an effective way to clear your channels, release toxic buildup, and reconnect to your whole self - mind, body, and spirit. During this cleanse, the best thing you can do is enjoy the process, knowing that your body will thank you for following through with it. 

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