Is this a juice cleanse?
The 5-Day Cleanse is not a juice cleanse. During this gentle cleanse/reset, you will feel satiated and nourished with balanced meals to support the gut and body. The Spring Cleanse recipe book includes a couple of juice recipes that help clean the blood and alkalize the body. They can be enjoyed with meals, or taken in the morning before breakfast.

What makes this cleanse different?
This cleanse takes into consideration that everyone is different, and there is no
one-size-fits-all approach to healing. That’s why I’ve included a quiz which will help you discover any imbalances you may be experiencing. Based on the results, I have provided a list of spices and foods to favor in your meals to help you come into balance. The meal plan included in this cleanse is meant to make you feel satisfied,
instead of deprived. I’ve also included a list of healthy rituals that help to calm the nervous system and aid in restoration.

Can I take part in this cleanse if I’m on medication?
Always check with your health practitioner before starting a cleanse or making
lifestyle changes if you have any health concerns, or are on medication.

Does this cleanse include a meal plan?
Yes, this cleanse includes a meal plan, grocery list, and a recipe book full of
delicious recipes!

I’m a foodie. Will I feel deprived during this cleanse?
I get it, I’m a big foodie too! You will absolutely not feel deprived on this cleanse. You will be able to enjoy so many delicious foods which will help to make you feel lighter, brighter, and happier!

Do I need to ease in and out of the cleanse?
Yes, I suggest you spend at least 5 days easing into and out of the cleanse.
However, if you are a heavy coffee drinker, I recommend spending 14 days easing down in order to avoid unpleasant symptoms that come with coming off of caffeine. I help guide you through this in this cleanse.

Am I able to make adjustments to the meal plan?
Absolutely. The meal plan is there as a guide for you. You may change it, or make your own based on the list of foods to enjoy during this cleanse.

How do you maintain a positive mindset?
I have always been a positive person for as long as I can remember. However,
lifestyle also plays a major role. From my routine, to the types of thoughts I focus on, to what I put in my body – it's all a recipe for obtaining a positive mindset. That’s why I included not just recipes in this cleanse to help fill you with lifeforce energy, but also healthy rituals to help you maintain a positive mindset. Everyone’s routine is different; you need to discover what works best for you, and I’m here to help you along the way!

Why do I need to omit coffee during the cleanse?
One of the goals of this cleanse is to reset cortisol and balance PH. Coffee is hard on the adrenals and it is also very acidic which can disrupt gut balance. For these reasons it is important to avoid coffee during this cleanse.